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About the WroClavile Competition

09 November 2020

The International WroClavile Piano Competition is a unique cultural event on the national and European scale. There is no other place in Poland, where amateur pianists - all those who are not students or graduates from professional schools of music in the piano courses and music universities, could confront their skills at the national and international level. The participants of the WroClavile Competition are amateurs in the strict sense of the term: they are people who have not completed long-term, formalized piano studies, and have never worked as professional pianists. The only reason for them to play the piano is passion for the instrument and classical music in general. These pianists, despite not having studied at musical conservatories, achieve a high level of mastery, far beyond the repertoire of typical primary or secondary music centers. The WroClavile Competition does not introduce any age restrictions – the participants can be teenagers, as well as non-musician adults.


One of the ideas that accompanied the creation of the WroClavile Competition was to create a space where amateur pianists could present their skills to a wider audience, compete them with similar enthusiasts from around the world, and above all - get to know each other, make friends and share their joy. Thanks to the existence of the WroClavile Competition, amateur pianists have gained an important motivation to continue playing the instrument, to keep improving their skills constantly, and to share the beauty of piano music with others, giving concerts to a wider audience. Above all, we would like the WroClavile Competition to become a unique event for the participants themselves.


We would also like the WroClavile Competition to be an incentive for people of all ages to start learning to play the piano, whether at music or cultural centers or in a less organized way - through individual piano lessons or even self-teaching. Finally, we try to draw the attention of professional musicians and music critics to the fact that there are great amateur pianists out there- music enthusiasts who, despite the lack of formal education, communicate inner beauty on a professional level. Thanks to their passion, classical music reaches places where it is usually not present – high schools, universities, offices or factories.


Due to the growing interest in our Competition, in the fifth edition we introduced the preliminary auditions, which are carried out in autumn and winter in six countries: Poland (Wrocław), Germany (Erkelenz), Sweden (Stockholm), United Kingdom (London), Belgium (Brussels) and Hungary (Budapest). In the preliminaries participants have to perform one piece of any composer that best demonstrate the participant's skills to the Jury. In terms of technical and musical difficulties, this composition should be at the intermediate level. Participants who will qualify for the finals will be challenged with preparing a fifteen-minute recital consisting of three stylistically diverse compositions. The WroClavile Competition finals are open to the public, and can also be followed via the Internet, as all performances are broadcast.