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May 31, 2021



Dear Pianists,

                we hereby announce the results of the 6th International WroClavile Piano Competition :

Golden Laurel, Grand Prix and Audience Award goes to Clément Lenoir from Belgium. Congratulations!!!


Golden Laurels were also awarded to:


Maciej Zalewski (Poland)

Emilia Cebula (Poland)

Bartłomiej Chmiel (Poland)

Zara Shah (Belgium)


Silver Laurels were awarded to:


Szymon Poparda (Poland)

Béatrice Moretti (Belgium)

Mateusz Rudnicki (Poland)

Oskar Zawadowicz (Poland)

Fabian Telęga (Poland)

Paulina Pawlaczek (Poland)

Maja Szymańska (Poland)

Bartłomiej Imach (Poland)

Benedikt Kaliciak (Germany)


Bronze Laurels were awarded to:


Anna Wojciechowska (Poland)

Stanisław Maria Herman (Poland)

Jonas Oldermann (Germany)

Ewa Suchowierska (Poland)

Anastasia Datta (Germany)

Lucca Siebertz (Germany)

Jelena Treske (Germany)


Special Prize for the best performance of a piece by a Polish composer were awarded to Maciej Zalewski.


Special Prize for the best performance of Yiruma Fairy Tale were awarded to Béatrice Moretti.


Congratulations to all the finalists!!!

September 3, 2021


Dear Pianists!


Today we are starting recruitment for the 7th International WroClavile Piano Competition for Amateur Pianists. This year, due to the ongoing pandemic and the related organizational difficulties, we also decided to organize the preliminaries only by sending video recordings. The finals of the WroClavile Competition, as before, will be held at the Regional Center for Slavic Culture in Sobótka, Poland.


Applications for preliminaries and the entry fee should be made no later than October 31, 2021. The electronic application form can be found in the Preliminaries tab, and the paper form in the Regulations tab. Recordings should be sent to us by November 30, 2021. Technical instructions on how to make a recording and how to send it can also be found in the Regulations tab. The final auditions of the WroClavile Competition are planned for the last weekend of May 26-29, 2022.


We are waiting for your application!


Best regards,

The WroClavile Organizational Team