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Centrum Artystyczne Muza-Art                               

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Phone + 48 502 217 455


International WroClavile Piano Competition for Amateur Pianists


General Director - Paweł Melka

Artistic Director - Elżbieta Melka

Coordination - Joanna Walczak


Phone - + 48 502 217 455 (Polish)

Phone - + 48 884 151 004 (English)

Phone - + 32 489 567 990 (French)

Phone - + 48 692 818 666 (Spanish)


Final auditions venue:


Regional Center of Slavic Culture

ul. Fryderyka Chopina 25

55-050 Sobótka, Poland


© WroClavile Competition 2016-2023


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The International WroClavile Piano Competition is a unique cultural event on the national and European scale. There is no other place in Poland, where amateur pianists could confront their skills at the national and international level. The participants of the WroClavile competition are amateurs in the strict sense of the term: they are people who have not completed long-term, formalized piano studies, and have never worked as professional pianists. The only reason for them to play the piano is passion for the instrument and classical music in general. These pianists, despite not having studied piano at musical conservatories, achieve a high level of mastery, far beyond the repertoire of typical primary or secondary music centers. The WroClavile Competition does not introduce any age restrictions – the participants can be teenagers, as well as non-musician adults.


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The 9th International WroClavile

Piano Competition


for Amateur Pianists


May 23-25, 2024  

RCKS Sobótka, Poland 



WroClavile Competition

Who can take part in the WroClavile Competition? 

Anyone who is not a professional pianist and does not learn to be one, so:


  • self-taught pianists

  • pianists learning piano with private teachers

  • students of non-professional municipal music and art schools

  • students and graduates of professional secondary schools of music who did not learn to play the piano as the main instrument 


If you still have doubts whether you can

take part in the WroClavile Competition, please send us an email!


Preliminaries 2023


Jury members

Wrocław, Poland

dr hab. Julita Przybylska-Nowak

Wrocław, Poland

dr hab. Tomasz Głuchowski

Diego Morano

Wrocław, Poland

Mikołaj Ferenc

Karina Sandler

Piotr Misztal

Pola Lazar-Berný

Stockholm, Sweden

London, United Kingdom

Hranice na Moravě,

Czech Republic

Edyta Deák

Budapest, Hungary

Brussels, Belgium

Wrocław, Poland


Media Patronage

Preliminary Auditions Schedule: 


October 31, 2023        - deadline for registration

November 4, 2023      - deadline for payments

November 30, 2023    - deadline for sending recordings (online option) 

December 23, 2023    - announcement of results

January 15, 2024        - deadline for payment of the registration fee for the finalists